How Lust was Born

An exciting skincare experience that is fun, sensual and even a little naughty.

Skin is at the epicenter of sexual excitement and satisfaction, and yet skincare is traditionally such a boring and routine experience. We decided to change all that. We decided to create skincare products that remind you of the sheer pleasure of touching your own skin and also enhance your experience when you touch someone else.  Skincare should be fun, bright, sexy and even just a little naughty.  After all, isn't 'looking good naked' the whole reason we spend time on the appearance of our skin in the first place?  

We also LOVE hemp.  We could go on and on about our love for hemp (in all its wonderful forms!). We chose hemp seed oil as the foundation of all our products because it's THC-free and so incredibly good for your skin - plus we really love that we get to design a hemp leaf into our graphics!  It may just be the sexiest botanical on the planet :-)

We hope that our luxurious products inspire you to enjoy skincare as a sensual experience, and have some fun.

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