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Explore the difference between lust and love.

Everyone knows what love is! We've all felt it a time or two by now, right? It is that intense feeling of affection and care towards another person that we can't control. A profound attraction that inspires faithfulness, loyalty, confidence, and willingness to make sacrifices for another. 

Then it happens...

Our intense desire and craving for our "love" interest wanes and then the wondering starts:  

  • Do I really love this person, or... 
  • Is my deep affection just sexual desire?  

 Whatever the outcome, exploring the differences between lust and love might be your best line of defense before you're caught in bad romance!

All other factors aside, focus on the time period. If you are in love, your feelings with deepen over time. If it's lust, your feelings may deepen in the begging, but tend to dissipate with the passage of time. 

Cheers to falling in love...lust!

Scarlet Ryder

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